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About Us

Hungrain was born on the premise that many consumers like diabetic, pregnant lady, gym going youth and more avoided eating panipuri due to low nutritional content.  So naturally a question was raised.                 

Can we make fast food nutritious as well as tasty?

The answer is yes. We have produced varieties of nutritional panipuri ᵀᴹ made from dal, millets and more. We started with panipuri since it is most famous fast food in India. We wanted to nutrify it first through proper research and development on Indian food ingredients.  We are also working on nutrifying samosa and other such project which can be found on What’s new. Keep visiting it for more updates.

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Our Team

We have small but very dedicated team with a vision to make every fast food healthy while keeping tastiness of food similar.  It is enormous task so we appreciate all the people involved with the project.


Prabhakar Kumar

founder and ceo

B.Tech from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Satish Chandra

co-founder and director

B.Sc. in Hotel Management
15+ year of work experience

Core Members

Chef Sumit Saini

Head Chef

Monika Sharma

marketing head

Graduate from Delhi University.
12+ Marketing Experience


Regular panipuri is made up of refined flour and semolina and it is same everywhere. Our panipuri is devoid of those ingredients which make it very first in market. It is different in term of nutritional values and varieties. Check out our menu for surprises.

This product is for anyone who values their health and want to enjoy fast food taste while retaining nutritional values. So eat healthy and tasty.

We have removed semolina and made our panipuri with ingredients having low glycemic index and high nutritional values which make it suitable for diabetic consumer. But we suggest that if you are on medication, please do take advise from your doctor.

We do not use any processed ingredients to manufacture panipuri. All the ingredients used are very healthy, fresh, and nutritious which add cost to our product. But if you consider health benefit it offers in long term, price increase is insignificant.

We are currently operating in Delhi NCR through Zomato/swiggy and accept offline bulk order as well.

Yes, we are currently in business collaboration where we supply our product and we are open to new opportunities like franchising.

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